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Urology Comprehensive Services - NHRMC Physician Group
By Hilary Brady

With the opening of New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s (NHRMC) state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Brunswick Forest, the region is now privy to advanced technology, superior medical care and good ol’ Brunswick County hospitality. Dr. Roc A. McCarthy of Comprehensive Urology is just one of the talented professionals who will enhance the local medical community with skill and a smile.

Bringing both rare technology and a hospitable bedside manner to the table, Dr. McCarthy is a welcome addition to the local medical landscape. Patients find value in Dr. McCarthy’s ability to provide thorough yet easy-to-understand information to his patients in a way that feels genuine and accessible.

“One in six males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer,” states Dr. McCarthy. “That statistic can be frightening. And as the guidelines change frequently, it’s hard to keep up with what to do. I feel that it’s
important to tailor to each patient, clearly explaining what’s new and what’s best. All in a way that can be encouraging and easily understood.”

Not only is the center earning high marks in the not-so-daunting doctor department, Dr. McCarthy is also an exceptional find when it comes to his unique expertise. The only surgeon of his kind in the county, Dr. McCarthy utilizes robotic technology for a variety of surgical procedures, a technique that was previously available only by traveling to medical centers at UNC or Duke.

“We’re excited to bring this advanced technology to Brunswick County,” says Dr. McCarthy. “With the minimally invasive approach that robotic surgery offers, our patients require less recovery time and are able to get back to their normal life activities more quickly.”

The Comprehensive Urology team handles everything from preventative care and female incontinence treatment to prostatectomy, kidney surgery, vasectomy, cystoscopy, prostate biopsies and many other urological procedures. And with the region’s only Pediatric Urologist on staff, Comprehensive Urology is capable of treating patients with a wide variety of conditions in a wide variety of life stages.

The Comprehensive Urology office is located within the 45,000-square-foot NHRMC facility and is open Monday through Friday. The team accepts many insurance carriers and works in last-minute appointments as needed. “I don’t care how busy I am,” says Dr. McCarthy. “If I have a patient that needs to be seen, he needs to be seen. I will always make time.”

When Dr. McCarthy is not seeing his patients, he is visiting with them around the pool, working out with them at the gym, or running into them at a nearby shop. McCarthy not only works in Brunswick Forest, but also lives there with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

Between treating patients, speaking at local prostate awareness groups, exercising, enjoying the community nature walks with his 11-year-old Polish Sheepdog, watching in awe as his two-year-old daughter learns to count in three different languages, and preparing for baby number two now on the way, McCarthy keeps busy in Brunswick County.

“It’s really nice to work and live in the same community,” says Dr. McCarthy. “I am honored to be a part of Leland’s growth and to provide services that benefit patients on a local level.”

For more information about Comprehensive Urology, call Dr. McCarthy at (910) 254.1033 or visit his offices at 1333 S. Dickinson Drive, Suite 230 in Brunswick Forest or 2512 Delaney Avenue in Wilmington.

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